A website is major part of marketing for your business online. There are 5 things your website should absolutely do (whether your thinking of having a new website created or already have a website in place).

1. Get You New Leads

A nicely designed website is one thing but your website needs to be found by your target audience first. Your website should form some kind of marketing platform for your business so that potential customers find the services you offer. The main ways of doing this are via SEO or PPC (ideally both for best results).

2. Turn Leads Into Customers

With clear call to actions throughout, your website should highlight the benefits of the services you offer and display your contact information in key places. The website should make it easy for your customers to contact you or fill out some kind of quote/message form.

3. Capture Data

Most websites fail on this point badly which is a shame because we see great results come from this. Your site should offer visitors the option to sign up for something. No not a blog! but perhaps offers, e-newsletters or downloading a white paper. You will be amazed how many people will fill out these forms without ever calling or emailing you. Don’t miss out!

4. Be Secure

Each year the number of hacked websites increases and businesses fall victim to having their website defaced or worse. The majority of security breaches are not necessarily attempts to steal your data or deface your website, but are devious attempts at turning your server into an email relay for spam or to a temporary web server, usually to serve illegal files. At Purple Cloud Solutions we install our own unique security software on every website we create to give that added layer of protection against unwanted attacks.

5. Be Mobile Responsive

It has been waffled on about for the last few years that your website should be ‘mobile friendly’ but now let us tell you that this is now a must have (not an optional nice to have).
In short if your website does not pass the Google Mobile test you will lose out on search rankings and massively put customers off ever visiting your website again. All of this has happened because back in 2016 Mobile web usage overtook desktop browsing worldwide and has increased year on year.

Extra Bonus Number 6. Be Active

Your website should be ever changing and updated with latest information on your products and services. The more you update your website the better it will perform compared to websites just left to go stale, trust us, it’s a tried and tested fact.

If your website falls short on any of the above then you are not utilising the full potential of being online and may need to consider having a website upgrade.

If you need help with your website just give us a call on 0121 371 9267 or if you prefer you can click here and use our free website health check