Social Media for Business

Gain substantial exposure using social media

Social Media is not only here to stay, it’s taking over!

It has a massive impact on your business whether you know about it or not, people are online engaging with each other and talking about/recommending/asking questions of businesses every second of the day via social media.

People spend most of their lives online socialising and a big part of that is asking questions to people they trust (friends & family) or sharing parts of their lives with them too. It’s only going one way and to get the most out of it you need to be using it correctly for your business.

We have seen businesses establish themselves very quickly using only a website and Instagram, we’ve also seen this with websites and just Facebook.

Setting up social media profiles is free though most people don’t know how to set it up correctly missing out on huge potential.

We can set you up on all of the social media platforms correctly to ensure your business gets the most from it.

When it comes to publishing you can’t just hard sell via social media, there are tricks and means to doing it correctly.

We’ll show you how to fully engage with your customers using all the tricks and show you how to find new customers for your business.

The main Social Media platforms for Business in 2020

Social media is everywhere these days, pretty much everyone is on it. Your customers are on it, your competitors may be on it, don’t get left behind.

Here is a list of the main platforms this year that are working well for businesses in no particular order as they each offer a decent marketing channel.


600 million people use this. 51% of users access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day.


No longer a time waster, Facebook is now a serious business tool. Your competitors are already there and your customers have been there a long time…


Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Video is huge and rewarding in many ways for businesses willing to put the effort in.


LinkedIn can be an effective source for generating leads for most businesses. If setup and used correctly.


Snapchat is the most-used social media platform among 12 to 24-years-olds. Is this your target market?


Seems to be fading away for business but still Twitter can really help with growing any local business.