Business Startup Advice Sutton Coldfield

Starting up a new business online can be a very scary and complex venture if you don’t know what your doing. It may even put you off even trying to start a business online or take your existing business into the online world.

At Purple Cloud solutions in Sutton Coldfield we can help you start up a business online and hold you hand step by step from buying your domain name to showcasing or even selling all your products online.

We are proud to be able to say that customers in Sutton Coldfield who have received our business start-up advice on the back of having a website created by us have had really great success in launching their business online.

Startup Website Advice

As well as a great presence online we offer advice in starting up as a new business online. Things like your domain name matter, how your email will work? whether you want it coming to your home PC or straight to your mobile phone, or both! If you are wondering how you can get really great business cards that potential customers will remember, we can help with this too and the best thing is we are local to Sutton Coldfield so if you ever need us we can pop round or arrange a quick meeting to discuss your new website.

For many business start ups appearing on Google seems like an impossible task but at Purple Cloud solutions were very good at this and can guide you through the steps to make sure your appearing on Google when people search for you.

Online Advice

working online can seem like a massive new world that you just don’t understand, but for us this our world and we can give you tips + tricks to get the most out of the internet for your business. Is your PC up to the job? do you have a proper anti-virus system? what about backups? are you using the right email program to access mail or is there a better one that may help streamline your business? We have working online down to an art, and this is something we always pass onto to our customers.

General Business Advice

business advice on simple things such as how to treat your customers or things you can do to set you apart from the rest is something we can help with, we will take on board your business ideas and tell you how best to implement things into your business that will make your competitors sick with envy. Attending breakfast meetings or networking is something you should be doing once your business is set up online, some of these things our customer never think about but it can make a huge difference to the success and promotion of your business.

In short we have set up many new businesses online over the years and most have gone on to huge success. We are web specialists and have lots of marketing experience over the internet that you or your competitors may not have even thought about, meaning that with Purple Cloud Solutions you have the edge over your competitors in today’s challenging market.

So if you are thinking about setting up a new business and need some advice on how to go about tackling the online part of your business, give us a call and we will help you through each step of the way