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Short website checklist

As we get more and more work from customers that are totally fed up with their previous web designers we see websites that have some really important things missing from them which would give them that edge over their competitors. Here’s a list of some of the major failures we see or don’t see on […]

Google Plus Author Rank

It’s something called Author Rank and when its all set up and configured it means that your Google search listings will look like the below: What Google is doing here is associating the content with the article this person wrote and their Google profile, why does that matter to you as a site owner? and […]


Google Plus for Business

It was only a very short time ago that Google plus was launched but already in the US there are books out about it! Loads of people like myself have been using Google+ trying to figure it out and find out how it can help us either personally or in business. When I say loads […]

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Get really cool business cards

The ‘ol’ business card, one of the most powerful, yet ignored weapons in marketing your business. Now more than ever there are many ways to attract new customers to your business. Maybe it’s a marketing campaign in the form of an ad in the paper. A big poster or billboard, through the use of social […]


Facebook for Business – Are YOU Ready?

Facebook’s timeline update to business pages allows companies to have a much bigger presence on the social media web. Is your business there? if not then why not lol are you crazy! More than just providing consistency between personal and company-owned Pages, Facebook Timeline provides businesses of all sizes an opportunity to use the platform […]

Love your customers not just on Valentines Day

I believe that one of the main reasons Purple Cloud is successful is that I love running the business. I really enjoy working in it and on it every day. One of the big enjoyments I get out of it is I also like the people that our business attracts as potential long term customers of ours. We get to […]

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Taking your business into 2012

First off, Happy New Year! Hope you had a good one, I did And now… back to work. We have put together a list of things you should look at doing in 2012 to keep ahead of your competitors and really make the most out of 2012. We all make new year resolutions, and 99% […]