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Do your customers like your website?

Would you believe that back in April this year 2013 the World Wide Web turned 20 years old. These days the Internet as we know it so accessible to everyone, whether it’s from a desktop computer, Apple Mac, iPads or iPhones etc it’s fair to say that your potential customers who are viewing your site […]


Make sure you’re using Google to measure your business online

The world of digital presence is changing at light speed. With the onset of mobile, and the rapid growth of connected devices, traditional methods of knowing what is happening to your website is no longer adequate. To meet the growing needs of businesses, Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics) has changed from a web anayltics solution to a […]

Online Security

Security online is really something you need to take seriously. Your login details to any online service should be ‘very secure’. So what is very secure and is it really necessary? When i say very secure i really mean something like this Ad5h*tGx6rX – how horrible is that? well yes that’s the whole point, its […]


How bad SEO can destroy your business

Have you ever had a call from people offering fast and quick ways to get your website to the top of Google? For maybe a few hundred pounds in theory this sounds quite tempting doesn’t it? Here’s the fact, this will ruin your business on the Internet. even worse if you rely on the Internet […]

Purple Cloud Solutions Business Awards 2012

Each year we look at all our customers and decide who has made the most of the tools we have gave them in terms of making their business more successful. We present the winner with a trophy for all the hard work they have put in and for impressing us over the year. We hope […]


Google Search First Page Explained

We get a lot of start up businesses that ask us about how they get onto the first page of Google and how they get their business shown in the various points around the search page. So to answer this I’ve put together a short 4 minute video that talks you through the first page […]

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It’s 2013. Your Business Must Be Online

All our customers know that we are very passionate about supporting local businesses within Sutton Coldfield and helping them grow to be successful. Its not just a website that we build for you but an ongoing relationship that will help your business grow and really shine online. No doubt as a local business owner you […]

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Don’t Bounce Out of Business

We always go on about how important GOOD website design and structure is from a user/customer point of view but now it really is THAT important. Why? because now Google take if into account when deciding where to place your website in its search rankings. It’s called Bounce Rate and it now has an effect […]