Do you know how many people visit your website a day, month or year?

This information is very important to know if your website is actually working for you and bringing in new customers to your business.

Many people overlook this and when asked if they know how many people visit their website the answer usually is “I don’t know”

As a business owner you should know the amount of visits your website gets a month and where those visits come from (i.e Google, Facebook, Trade Magazines)

You should also know metrics such as how many of those people who visited your website did so via a mobile phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer.

This is important as websites render very differently on different devices so if most your traffic is from a mobile phone you need to make sure your website looks good and works well on a mobile phone.

Recently we came across a website which worked great when viewed on a laptop but when we viewed it on a mobile phone the actual phone number for the business did not show.

We went on to find that particular business in question had 65% of its monthly traffic come from mobile devices which means 65% of their potential customers would not be able to find a contact number to call that business. How crazy is that?!

So how do you find out how many people come to your website?

Well, here at Purple Cloud Solutions we install Google Analytics on every website we create. Google Analytics is a service that tracks and reports website traffic and holds the key to knowing how successful your website is on the Internet.

Amongst endless useful stats within Google Analytics we are able to tell you how many people visited your website for any period of time, how they got there and what device they viewed your website on. There is a huge amount of data provided on your website so we dig through it all and show you all the important key stats that you need to know, we can even email this out to you on a monthly basis straight to your inbox.

If you read this article and don’t know how many people visit your site you need to ask your website company to set this up and send you the data.

It’s pretty straight forward to set this up and while anyone can create an analytics account, unless you know how to work analytics and understand how to pull out the correct data we recommend getting your web company to do this for you.