I believe that one of the main reasons Purple Cloud is successful is that I love running the business. I really enjoy working in it and on it every day. One of the big enjoyments I get out of it is I also like the people that our business attracts as potential long term customers of ours. We get to meet loads of great people who are serious and dedicated to growing their own business and have lots of ideas of how they want to succeed which often then rubs off onto us and helps inspire us with new ideas for Purple Cloud Solutions. Another great thing is the people I work with, I like them not just professionally but personally as well. We’re all good friends and this is true with our customers as well.

The fact is when you like the people you serve you naturally have a higher motivation to help them out, and you end up working harder for them without having to force it. It just happens naturally, and what happens then is you deliver a great service and your customers/friends love you more. So don’t think of your customers as people who just pay you to do a service, think of them as your friends who yeah you maybe charging to do some work for but also to genuinely help them out and help make their business more successful from the services you provide. One thing we do here at Purple Cloud is we get passionate about our customers business as if its our own. We just naturally take an interest in their business and make sure we help them succeed in whatever there trying to do.

Being able to Run a business where you actually like the people you serve is very motivating. A day’s work feels like helping out your friends and doing nice things for people you care about.

Business is built on relationships. I think many small business owners underestimate just how important it is to love your customers. So give out some love to your customers way before and after Valentine’s day :)

Happy valentine’s day everyone!